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Football - The Carling Cup Upsets

It's one of the reasons I love Cup Matches in football. Having small little teams play the football elite and beating their multi-million pound squads with teams brought together on a non-existent budget.

This years 2nd Round seems to have produced a lot of upsets too which is even better!

Who'd have thought the following results would have been possible!!!

Gillingham (League 1) 3 - 2 Portsmouth (Premiership)
Grimsby (League 2) 1 - 0 Tottenham (Premiership)
Mansfield (League 2)1 - 0 Southmapton (Championship)
Doncaster (League 1) 1 1 Manchester City (Premiership)(Doncaster win 3-0 on Penalties)
Fulham (Premiership) 5 - 4 Lincoln (League 2) (after extra time)
Wycombe (League 2) 3 - 8 Aston Villa (Premiership) (although Wycombe were winning 3-1 at half-time)
Barnet (League 2) 2 - 1 Plymouth (Championship)

2 League 1 teams beat Premiership clubs!
1 League 2 team beat a Premiership club with a second (Lincoln) coming very, very close!!

Oh, and Norwich got through to the 3rd Round as well :D

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