Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Saturday in Review - The Mission

Well, I guess I now feel well enough to review Saturday nights entertainment....

My first good (or maybe not so good) decision on saturday night was to head into The George before the gig rather than The Cro Bar. I saw some old friends outside (who I generally only see at these type of affairs and have bumped into on-and-off over the last 17 years! eek!) and then bumped into even more people inside. I met Sally (who works next door to me) and her boyfriend Neil (whom I only met once before in the street). Neil had been drinking since 2pm so was already fairly lashed as was his friend Steve who was over from belgium for the gig. Sally also had a friend with her (Claire I think?) and various other people started turning up too (I remember Mark but that's about it). Strangely enough it turns out they also know danny_e11 which I discovered when he also wandered into the pub to be met all sides of the table with greetings! :p

We carried on drinking for a bit and chatting mostly about New Model Army of all things! So much so that we completely missed the support band and headed straight in for The Mission.

I usually like The Astoria but I thought the sound system was really bad on Saturday. Wayne's vocals sounded muffled and the music sounded liked it was mixed wrongly. Also hardly anyone was dancing which became rather annoying. Anyway, danny_e11 and myself got a bit fed up with our part of the crowd's inactivity so we dived down towards the front which had a bit more action going on. A good old to-and-fro began (which I still have the bruises to show for!) and the gig became instantly more enjoyable largely due to the comradely mosh pit between everyone! One draw back for being tall (and slightly broad) is that you do tend to end up being part of the unique goth phenoenma of 'human towers'. I haven't really seen this at any other types of gigs.

Human towers are usually either two or three people tall. At really good gigs (such as The Mission in years gone by and still with New Model Army) you see three-leveled towers. This is where you have the base formed by x number of people with a second layer of people standing on their shoulders (one foot on a different persons shoulder in the circle) and then a third level (usually a single person) standing on the people comprising the second tier who'll then wave their arms about as only goths do :p

Well Neil, being drunk and in the mood for it decided that Danny and myself would make an excellent base for him to stand upon. Which he did at least twice during the gig and also ended up wrapped round my shoulders for another song (Wasteland). The bouncers weren't happy about this but, well, nevermind :p

The overall gig was alright, but I've seen The Mission play much, much better and the crowd have a much better and lively atmosphere. I know The Mish can have some off nights but they didn't have the energy I've seen at their better gigs and combined with a fairly lacklustre crowd it didn't help matters.

Post-gig a group of us (which also now contained Donya, Karen, jareth77 and notintheseheels ) headed off to The Cro Bar for further drinking. Which was both realy great and a bit of a mistake. I'd already had scrumpy at The George, several cans of Strongbow at the gig and then started on Southern Comfort and Coke at The Cro followed by beer when Neil went to the bar, forgot what everyone wanted, and ended p coming back with an armful of beer cans as default! I hate beer! But I drank it nevertheless.

I started feeling a lot more worse for ware, made my excuses and headed home. This was the point when I raided The Missions Tour Bus as I saw Wayne on it drinking to thank him for being Wayne and all things Mission-esque (hides head in shame). I paid for it later though as I couldn't sleep due to room-spinnery and ended up praying to the porceline god for a while in the darkest depths of the night :p

So all in all a very good evening. But it says something that I accidently wrote 'New Model Army' in my diary instead of The Mission as the band I saw! Much too much chatting about NMA and much less enthusiasm for that nights Mission performance I feel......

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