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Star Wars Mini's

Oh dear, I seem to have become slightly addicted to the Star Wars Miniatures Game by Wizards of the Coast. I was going to have a night off gaming this evening as Seth couldn't make it, Nicole was feeling a bit poorly and I had a shitload of work to do but decided to go ahead with it anyway as Dom was about to leave when I finally got through to him (turn your phone on boy! :p).

Anyway, we decided on giving the Star Wars Miniature game a whirl and, er, really enjoyed it.

So now along with Heroclix I'm going to be seeing even more little painted figures laying round the place! Joy! :|

Actually, quite pleased it was good fun. Will probably be running demos of it at the end of October in the store and am thinking about starting up a WOTC League for it if there's enough interest. Also talking about doing Heroclix League/Tournament type affair too with WizKids atm.

So, any of you more London based readers fancy joining in either Star Wars or Heroclix figure action onb about a monthly basis?

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