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Unlikely collaborations and 'oh my god, I've done it now'

Pulled out a U2 Tribute album I've had kicking around for a while to give it another listen. It has some good bands on it (Mission, Die Krupps, Rosetta Stone, Dead or Alive, Razed in Black, Electric Hellfire Club, etc) but also a really unlikely collaboration.

Front Line Assembly with Tiffany covering New Year's Day.

Tiffany? Yep, the same Tiffany who sang 'I Think We're Alone Now' back in the 80's.


On the 'oh my god, I've done it now' front - I've just signed up and brought my first batch of PDF's from RPGNow. I've been a bit anti RPG downloads largely because every download someone buys is one less book I can sell them through the store. But there is just so much stuff avaiable now that will never see the light of printed day - which is a shame because some of it certainly deserves to. It also works as a good testing ground for new ideas/writers.

Anyway I've got my first few products paid for and awaiting download. Shit.

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