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(Music) Iron & Wine, Anita Lane, Battle, VHS or Beta

Discovered a couple of really good bands this week. Well the first (Iron and Wine) I actually first heard en route to Glastonbury in Dom and Elaine's car but I finally got the CD for myself this week. So, I guess it's kinda rediscovered.... er...whatever....anyway, as I was saying I've discovered two really good bands this week and have a question about two others for you gentle readers....

Anita Lane
OK, so Anita is not 'a band' as such (I'm completely discrediting my opening sentence to this post aren't I!) but a solo artist who I believe started her career in the early 80's. She apparently dated Nick Cave and that should immediately give you an idea about musical style too. There is definetly a very Nick Cave-esque feel to much of her music but her actual vocals are less 'PJ Harvey' and 'Sons & Daughters' and more Wendy James of Transvision Vamp. Now I love Wendy's vocals so it should come as no surprise that I love Anita's voice too. I'm currently waiting for a best of and a studio album to arrive as the CD I listened to at work has gone home with it's owner and I feel I need my own fix :p

Iron & Wine
Iron & Wine is actually a guy called Samuel Beam who teaches cinematography at a local college in Florida. He recorded his own music and cult label Subpop liked it so much they ended up pursuing him and releasing it. The music (at least on the 'Woman King' CD which is the only one that has landed on my doormat so far) is alluring, haunting acoustics and vocals. It has traces of country (which I must admit find myself worrying about as I really like it) and if memory serves me well one of his other CDs sounds like its been listened to a lot by Jack White (White Stripes). Woman King is currently vying with The Repulsion Box (Sons & Daughters) and Demon Days (Gorillaz) as my favoruite CD at present. Will let you know what the other CDs are like when they turn up to tease my ears.

New bands - Help Me!
I've seen a couple of videos from new bands which I'm hoping you nice folks in LJ World might be able to educate me about. The two bands in question are 'VHS or Beta' who are fronted by a Japanese gentlemen (if I'm not mistaken) and the track I heard had quite Cure-esque vocals. I know they've palyed London a few times recently so they might be British? The second band is called 'Battle' and they, again, sound fairly Cure-esque.

Any info?

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