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Sorry, no sex here I'm British......

Well my last post has certainly thrown up an interesting/amusing thread.

Who would have known posting a simple smile would lead to a thread about me getting laid? :p

But sorry folks. I wasn't laid last night, didn't even get anywhere near being laid and wasn't intending on being either.

I just had a really wonderful evening in London with a very dear friend who I'd not seen for a while. Pubs, Wagamamas and more pubs were involved and lots and lots of talking. It was really good and I was very happy upon returning home. I was also a little tiddly and didn't fancy writing a post as I thought I'd end up waffling so just posted the smiley instead.

In reply to the thread though, I'm more of a gentleman (I hope) than to post whenever I get laid. If I did there would possibly be a few people out there who wouldn't have slept with me if they thought my motormouth (or fingers on keyboards) would then expose the fact for all the world to see!

Generally speaking my sex life (especially when I'm not in a relationship with someone at the time) is between me and that person and will remain that way. Not something for public broadcast and comment.

I find privacy in this matter a fairly important consideration in keeping friendships going.

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