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Things I Did This Weekend, by Angus Aged 33 1/2

Have had a fairly active weekend. Maggie came down from Manchester for a few days and we met up with Dave K, silver_blue, wyldcard, hareb_sarap, Nathan, Mads, Matt, James and Nathan at The Worlds End for drinks and chats on Friday night which was great fun. We all then decamped over the road to the Electric Ballroom for 'Sin City'.

It got off to a good start by playing Alice in Chains and Faith No More as we got there. The rest of the music ranged from very good to poor though and I only knew probably every other song or three so couldn't get any rythmn going and ended up without a desire to dance. I was also dismayed at the 'sytle' of the modern rock/metal fan. 90% of the blokes and about 70% of the women could be at any club in London. It seems that rock/metal is now so popular that the more styalised look has been ousted in favour of a more conformed short hair, ordinary looking appearence. Now for the older brigade I can imagine this has a lot to do with job requirements but most of the people at Sin City are students. Goodbye rebellion and individuality I guess!!! A larger proportion of girls still looked alternative and like they'd made an effort though - which was good to see. I think the amount of blokes with longer hair though could be counted on one hand (I'm not kidding either) and our group sported three of those!!!!

Saturday saw some shopping in Camden before meeting up with Mr and mrsdominic,  Sarah, jester_nine, Dougal and another of their friends for drinks at The Dev and to watch Night Watch at Camden Odeon. I'd been waiting for Night Watch to get a British release for over  year so was very eager to finally see it. The open 15 minutes or so certainly didn't disappoint on the special effects front and the extremely clever presentation of the sub-titles was really nice and creative. I enjoyed the overall film, although their were a few bits which I found overly corny, and would certainly reccommend it to people who like modern fantasy/supernatural tales. Looking forward to the second part of it. School Report: B

After further drinks Maggie and myself headed home for pizza and to watch Team America: World Police. Now I enjoy South Park but have not seen another good concept come out of the Parker/Stone duo. I also know a number of friends really liked Team America and so I thought "why not". In hindsight I could now come up with a whole host of "why nots" and saved myself the time of watching it. I thought it was utter wank. The puppets and sets were fantastic but the script was utterly dreadful and I found the vast majority of the jokes incredibly unfunny. Sorry folks but this really didn't do anything for me at all (apart from almost send me to sleep....). Maybe if you're really drunk/stoned/tripping it might be alright to watch. School Report: F (Anyone want my copy for £5?)

Sunday morning continued our film viewing with The Interpreter starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. It's a political thriller set at the UN when an Interpreter (Kidman) overhears someone talking about an assassination plot. I enjoyed this film but it was rather light as 'political thrillers' go. School report: C+.

Maggie has now returned 'up north', I went into work for a little bit but abandoned it early due to the feeling of 'impending cold'. Will cook myself some nice Pork Chops for dinner and have a soak in a warm bath full of bubbles this evening I think :p

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