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Random Bullets....

* Have drunk more Ginger & Lemon Tea with honey in the last 36 hours than in the rest of my life combined. I've through over a pot of honey since yesterday morning and have three or four teabags left from the box I brought at the same time.

*Excessive Herbal tea drinkage combined with various drops and Vic does seem to made some difference though. I may not be feeling 'well' but am feeling a lot better than I was yesterday. I'm taking this as a good sign and continuing my blitz of herbal remedies until I fly out tomorrow - I will also be taking a few bits with me to continue the defence.

*I will not be at SELWG on Sunday. We have managed to work it that we have a full staff at the show which allows me NOT to have a day but to work at the shop playing both catch-up on the days I'm missing this week for being out of the office PLUS my usual Sunday work PLUS generally playing catch-up on a few projects we've gotten behind on/not started. Overall this is a good thing as it means I can wake up at around 9am on Sunday instead of 5am for SELWG. It also means that I won't worry so much if I get a little tiddly at the New model Army gig on Saturday night (which I'm fully intedning on being at unless I'm really damn ill).

* Dom thrashed me at the Star Wars Miniatures game this evening. I only managed to kill 20 points worth of his troops and he annihilated my 102 points of Stormtroopers. Damn him. But it goes to show that reading the rules and building a squad in advance around a central theme is a good thing to do (as opposed to looking in the box to see what you've got which is usually my method :p)

*Despite not feeling very well I'm looking forward to the trip to Essen. It's the best consumer show for gamers on the planet. 150,00+ people and tons of exhibitors from around the world with many of them running non-stop demos. The people who attend are unlike that of many gamer conventions we in the English-speaking world are used to. Namely that it is a family affair for all ages and all sexes. Not a 30-something male dominated attraction that many US/UK cons have turned into. Essen is great and anyone who has an interest in games should try and attend at least once. It really does open your eyes. It's also an excuse for me to hook up with old friends from all over the world which is also a major plus in my books :p

*Have discovered a load of pictures on the digicam that I took in Paris last month. Will try and load some of them, along with some Essen shots, when I return next week.

*Hope everyone has a great week and if anything important happens please drop me a note by email or as a comment. Or if you have an important LJ post you think I should read please leave me a link and I'll catch-up upon my return.

*One last cup of herbal tea and then I'll rub Vic all over myself - then it's sleepy time for me :D

*cookwitch - I hope you enjoyed Serenity this evening!

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