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NMA Tonight - Buggeration

Hi folks,

Am back in London Town from the industrial wilds of Germany. Will post some info about the show at some point but just wanted to share my loss with everyone.

I WAS SUPPOSSED to be seeing NEW MODEL ARMY tonight. I got my ticket and made sure I'd be back in town earlier enough to get home from the airport, shower, and get down to The Astoria for their incredibly earlier start time (headline acts come on stage about 8.15 on Saturdays!!!).

BUT..... I only had a ticket voucher that I needed to go and redeem for my proper ticket as I brought them so early that the actual tickets hadn't been printed. Needless to say I forgot I didn't actually have the ticket itself until about 5 minutes ago when I went to get it.

There's no way I'm going to be able to get down to the ticket agency (especially with the current Northern Line problems) and redeem it now either before the gig so it looks highly likely that there's no NMA for me this evening :(


Well, I guess it'll allow me an evening to catch up with things, do some washing and kick the lingering reminents of the cold.

Yeah, I feel about as excited at those prospects as they sound.



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