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I Shall Be At The Ball(s).....

The ever lovely mooncadet just reminded me that I'm already down on the guest list for Ladytron on friday so I will definetly be seeing them this weekend!! Yay!!! How I forgot that I have no idea but it's a really nice surprise to discover that Mel's precognitive powers worked better than my own memory!!! :p

In other gig news next week looks pretty damn hectic.

Kaiser Chiefs on Tuesday (and possibly Thursday?), Lacuna Coil on Wednesday (snesgirl - did you get tickets for this one too in the end?), The Delays on Thursday (if they haven't postponed in which case maybe Kaiser Chiefs again??), Zombina & The Skeletons on Saturday (mooncadet - if you're free I'd love to take you to see them as they are one of the best and most fun small banads around atm) and KMFDM on Sunday.

I do however have most of next week booked off work so the gig-overload won't entirely drain me and I can enjoy the aftershow parties for a change. It also means that I should be able to get a whole load of Cubicle 7 work done during the day which is a major plus too :p

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