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Odds and Sods: (Ladytron, Sisters, Friends Babies and Fort Minor)

Had a lovely night out watching Ladytron at KOKO in Mornington Cresent last night with mooncadet. Ladytron were brilliant live and will almost certainly be featuring very high up on my Top Ten Gigs of 2005 when I get round to writing it up close to the years end. I love their vocals and the haunting melodies. Their live act is supplement by two additional members (either two guitars or guitar + bass - I'm not entirely sure as both additional members weren't all that prominent on the stage ;p). KOKO is a wonderful venue, certainly one to try and see more bands at.

Afterwards Mel and I headed back into Camden and chatted for ages at The Worlds End about most things under the sun. I've also become more enamoured by Magnars (both KOKO and The Worlds End had bottles which was pleasing) and I think it's now become my Cider of choice :)

Just to prove that a city of 10 million people is indeed a very small place I got onto the tube around midnight to discover Sister #2 (Dominique) in the same carriage section! I'd love to know the chances of these things happening but they seem to occur more often than not which is a bit freaky!

Oh, ukmonty I thought you'd like to know that Alex and Wendy are expecting a baby! I saw Mike R earlier and he was out drinking with Alex, Griff and Adam last night when Alex told him!

snesgirl - don't know if you know but a band called Fort Minor are playing at the Mean Fiddler on Monday 14th November, The lead singer is from Linkin Park so I thought you might be interested :p. Stargreen has tickets for just under £15. Apparently Fort Minor is more on the hip-hoppy end of things but should still be interesting. I'll be there (hopefully)!

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