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(Meme) Book of Unremitting Horror

From Dave and Adrian's book. Available at all good Games Stores.... and yes, that does mean that we stock it too :p

Strap Throat

The majority of Strap Throats victims die of heart
seizures. They hear her shrill shrieks echoing
through the gloomy pines then shooting pains
travel up their left arms, their vision blurs
and their would turns dark forever. Those that
she she visited personally sometimes have black
finger marks on their necks, the signs of

Night, night...
The Book Of Unremitting Horror on sale now.

All images and text copyright 2005
Pelgrane Press

The Book Of Unremitting Horror reveals your death.
brought to you by Quizilla

In other shocking news - Angus might actually have time to write an update later! Don't all faint at once....

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