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Wednesday = Productivity Alert!!!

Wow. It's not even 10AM yet and I'm already having a pretty productive day. I certainly seem to have gotten out of bed on the right side today and am fairly perky to boot! :p

I have a meeting at 11AM with a print firm that we're probably using to print some of our European batch of books, as well as getting rates for some other publishers I know who aren't currently either in print or are only Stateside. Then it's back home to (hopefully) carry on being productive and trying to catch up with some of the backlog that I've got as well as some of the new projects that have appeared/landed in front of me.

No 'Towers of London' gig for me tonight - sorry Mel. I couldn't leave my poor little games group in the lurch for a second week running and I think Nicole would have probably beaten me up had I done so!!!

Last night was a night of phonecalls. Caught up with Delphine, Sarah and also Andy C. Delphine and Alexander had been in Belgium for a long weekend visiting Sandrine (whom I think only Harry and Daver know on here).

Anyway, must head back downstairs and check on my croissant. Probably catch you guys and gals again this afternoon.


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