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Atlas Games and the night in general....

Atlas Games have posted a link on their website to the mini review of Let's Kill that I posted the other night. Quite a nice feeling actually as I didn't expect that at all. I was chatting to John Nephew about something entirely different and just mentioned I'd played the game (with link to said entry) as an afterthought. :D

Tonight has been really good. Louisa made dinner for myself and Stuart and then we spent the rest of the evening chatting and Jade joined us when she got home. Stuart and myself got very geeky over comics and films, and Jade joined us when I got out the Heroclix collection to show him (I think Louisa now thinks we're all totally mad). We then ended up chatting about Aliens, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories and the possibility of there being life SOMEWHERE out there in the vastness of space (This was spurned on by chatting about Close Encounters and ET).

All in all a very pleasent Friday night. Tomorrow I'm off to the cinema in the morning with weaselbitch to treat her to a film as a belated birthday present and then hopefully a spot to eat. The rest of the day will hopefully be spent working on Cubicle 7 and Camarilla projects until Jade gets home from work upon which point we'll be grabbing some food and settling down to watch a DVD or two.

Sunday is back to work (but no complaints from me as I have a ton of things to do there that I'm itching to get finished) and Monday may see me at the Sheep on Drugs gig. Tuesday will certainly see me at Ally Pally watching the White Stripes with mooncadet, ukmonty and nidificate as well as Surfer Boy and his girlie. Wednedsay night we're starting to roleplay (shock-horror). The game? Star Wars D6 System.

It appears that I'm actually quite happy with life at the moment. This is possibly largely due to the huge amount of work I've got on. It's keep the workaholic side of me pleasingly warm. Oh, and I WILL definetly be at B-Movie next Friday so clear your diaries and come and join me!!!! :D

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