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Email Emergency (or F**king Mozilla Thunderbird)

I am in dire need of help.

Mozilla Thunderbird has just decided to completely reset itself on my PC. Thus I have lost every single email I have.

Now whilst the Intray had about 90 mails currently in it my entire sub-folder directories had considerably more and some very, very important emails and documentations. I've also lost my entire address book.

Now (without panicking just yet) I know someone mentioned once that your computer keeps a back-up directory under some weird and wonderful code that geeks can access.

Well, I'm in dire need of a geek that access it.

Please get in touch with me if you think you can help. I'm at home all day Wednesday and have Thursday evening free too if you need to come over to help (ie - if it's too complicated to do over the phone). I will reimburse you for your troubles.

Whilst this is the first time Thunderbird has screwed up on me I've had Mozilla Firefox reset itself numerous times (let's face it - loosing email is a lot more of a problem than loosing your 'Favourites' list and browsing history). I am in very good mind to give-up on Mozilla products and return to Outlook and IE as I never actually had any problems with them before.

If anyone else if using Mozilla as an email client I'd really suggest making sure all important emails are copied and pasted into Word or somewhere so if your Thunderbird resets itself you don't loose everything too.

I'm off for a smoke in the rain to calm down a bit.

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