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I went out on Friday night.....

Don't really know what was up last night but I never managed to get into the 'zone' where I wanted to get on the dancefloor. It was great seeing loads of people who I'd hadn't seen for months though - especially the lovely cookwitch, ingenue_the bluehelen and mundenlogic (even though didn't get much chance to natter) and also catching up with gypseymission whom I only seem to bump into at the beginning and end of the year these days for some strange reason?

I hope snesgirl enjoyed her first B-Movie and got home safe and sound afterwards? And my apologies to Mr Keyes for forgetting to bring his book (shall remember it this afternoon!).

Anyway I decided to bail early whilst I still had time to catch the train back home (thus saving myself silly taxi fares) as my throat had also started playing up a bit (still does this morning too but I'm blaming it on the amount I must of smoked last night - eek!). So said my goodbyes (and hellos in a couple of places!) and vanished off into the darkness of the night.

Played text wars with a couple of people about 2am, who if you're reading this drop me a line and we can sort something out for this evening. Either kidnap you for the gig or hit a pub/DVD locally. Could probably do with some enjoyable company and alcohol tonight if you're still free!

This afternoon I'm heading into town for a couple of hours to meet up with some Cammies and hopefully catch the footie match. This evening is either the Mono gig, drinks locally or staying in and getting some work done (probably trying to fix my still unfixed email problem....grrr...).

Still don't know what I'm going to do for New Years Eve. I think chatting to a few friends and figuring something out is probably favourite now before I go ahead and book tickets for things.

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