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Wow! Immortel Ad Vitam (Film)

I'm not sure how many of you know but I am a massive fan of Enki Bilal. His art and his stories are amazing and I am so glad that Humanoids have been releasing them in English over the last few years (although I have them all in French the English editions certainly help me out in places). Bilal was born in Yugoslavia in 1951 but moved to Paris with his family in the early 60's. He started his career in graphic novels in the 70's and released the first part of his spectular Nikopol Trilogy (La Foire aus Immortls) in 1980.

He's dabbled with films on occasion but the budgets have always limited him.

No more it seems.

I knew he was working on a new film, an adaptation of The Nikopol Trilogy, but didn't realise it was so close to being released. In fact I just found out 'Immortel Ad Vitam' opened in France last week.

It looks absolutely amazing. I wasn't too sure about the effects surrounding Horus and Bast to begin with but I've just gotten off the phone with Delphine (who saw it last weekend - the Bitch) and she says that the trailer doesn't do them justice and they work very well in the actual film.

To watch the trailer (it is in English with French subtitles) go to the film's website and press the 'Standard' or 'Full Screen' trailer which is under the 'ecouvrez la bande-announce' heading.

I'm now considering a trip to Paris after Easter to catch it (finances and schedule permitting). If anyone else fancies the trip let me know!

It makes me even more convinced that Luc Besson at least partially based 'Fifth Element' around the works of Enki Bilal.


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