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Sunday No Show

OK, I kinda didn't go to work today afterall. Still, I *had* booked the weekend off and I do have loads of holiday to use up before Christmas so I'm not going to feel guilty about it. Just means I'll have to work extra hard on Monday and Tuesday if I want to escape early on both days.

Today has just been spent chilling with the housemates, listening to cheesy music on the telly and generally nattering. I also seem to have carried on my minimalistic eating pattern that developed on Thusrday. I should possibly try and eat a little more atm, nevermind, I'm at my Mums this evening and believe we having a Sunday roast so that'll fill a few gaps :p

Also avoided cigarettes today. Definetly time for a short break (at least until tomorrow....) as I really don't want to think how many I got through on Friday night and Saturday. Can't be good.

Oh, also wanted to plug Sons & Daughters 'The Repulsion Box' CD again. It's an excellent album and certainly anyone who's keen on Nick Cave should give them a listen. Can't wait to see them again ina couple of weeks! yay!! :p

Next Three Gigs: Fort Minor (14/11), Sons & Daughters (21/11), Spear of Destiny/Gene Loves Jezebel (24/11)

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