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(Film) Rotten Shaolin Zombies

Sorry, a second film post in the same day. But it had to be done.

No way in the same league as Immortel Ad Vitam 'Rotten Shaolin Zombies' is a very low-budget Canadian Indy flick. It clocks in at just 22 minutes 30 seconds and, to quote the website....

 "An epic tale of brotherly love, bad sushi & ass-kicking zombies

 Two brothers, the best of friends, devout martial artists, inseperable. One fateful sushi dinner would forever change the nature of their relationship and send them on a crash course to death and destruction. Thinking his dear brother has been killed by the toxic venom of the live dirty lungfish that tore out his eye, Lone Brother trudges through life, wondering how he will ever be able to continue on all alone. Little does he know his brother has returned to walk the earth as the undead, pissed off and craving human flesh. The stage is set for an epic battle where brother must face brother, zombie versus the living, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance! (Okay, that's a little overreaching, but...)"

To watch the trailer check out the website

It's also only $9.99 for the DVD (including postage to anywhere in the world). So if you have the pleasure of crashing round mine, after my freshly ordered copy hits my doormat in a week or so, you'll be able to see all the glorious 22 minutes 30 seconds of it!!!


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