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(Film) The Legend of Zorro

This evening ukmonty, mooncadet and myself met up for a meal at Nando's in Finchleyfollowed by mooncadet and myself popping across the car park to see The Legnd of Zorro.

At this stage I'd usually be writing a mini-review of the film but I can't. Not because I wouldn't want to, or it was so bad/good that I couldn't do the film justice using written words (chance would be a fine thing! :p). But I can't because we never got the chance to see the end. With about 30 minutes left all the power went out and everyone was evacuated from the cinema.

There was a fire engine outside when we exited but no sign of a fire (or smell of smoke) and it drove away after about five minutes. Needless to say no one was allowed back in and we were all issued some freebie vouchers for future film going. I managed to grab two but mooncadet got a sudden case of unexplained shyness and only asked for one. Bless her.

Anyway, if anyone who has seen the film could let me know the last half hour of plot that'd be great. I really don't intend to go back and see it - especially only for the last bit - and I'm not sure if it's one I'd get on DVD. The point at which power failed was when Catherine Zeta-Jones had turned up early at The Count's residence whilst the he was still in the meeting with the Europeans and Banderas' character was locked up.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

As for me, I'm going to take the opportunity of 30 minutes extra to my scheduled evening to do some reading, listen to the new Jem CD and then curl up under my duvet for a nights rest.

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