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(News) US Confirms White Phosphorus Use but denies it's a Banned Chemical Weapon

I must admit when I first started hearing reports about the US using White Phosphorus in their attack on Falluja I was hoping it was untrue but had a gut feeling that the Bush Regime could very easily have allowed/authorised it. Then I saw some of the photos taken, primarily of civilians including children and babies, which were undeniably victims of a chemical attack - but again photos unfortunately doesn't make it certain that the events were actually from Falluja.

Today however The Pentagon has admitted that US Troops used White Phosphorus after the US State Department and Military have been denying the fact. The Pentagon have claimed that the State Departments original statement denying it's use was old and based upon "poor information".

The US is not a signatory of an international agreement banning the use of White Phosphorus and upholds the claim that it is used as an incendiary weapon against enemy combatants to bring them out of hiding places other more traditional weapons can't reach.

US Used White Phosphorus in Iraq (BBC News Online; Tuesday 15th November 2005)

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