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Slippery Slope?

I can tell this is a mistake before I even begin.

After avoiding LJ like the plague (even though I set up an account last summer when I stuck at home unable to walk and bored senseless..) I have fallen victim to it's charmless approaches.

Well, I've just enjoyed a good bank holiday weekend - although probably spent too much of it in various pubs with various friends. But then I guess that's not 'really' too bad apart from money spent and unproductiveness in the mornings :-) I also went to the Purple Turtle (Mornington Crescent) for the first time on Saturday night and that was good fun. Reccommended to anyone who likes a good mix of techno and hard trance and a very varied group of clubbers having fun.

Anyway, that's my first post out of the way. I have to finish off writing a magazine column as the deadline is fast approaching. Take care everyone (if anyone actually reads this....;-p).

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