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5 Things and questions for the girls.....

1. The new Boards of Canada CD is bloody brilliant.

2. Apparently I should be more of a bastard as that 'apparently' attracts chicks. (This was told to me by a chick too).

3. I am, from a girls point of view, very easy to talk to and have fun with. (told to me by 'different chick')

4. I, along with Monty, are apparently like friendly uncles (Third chick. Meant as compliment and taken that way {eventually} but also a bit of a slap to be called a 'friendly uncle' I feel!)

5. I've been in another odd mood for the last few hours. Contemplating a hot cup of herbs, the duvet and a book.

So, questions for you girls:
1. Do you prefer a bastard over a nice guy?
2. Do you find me easy to talk to and have fun with?
3. Do you consider me as a 'Friendly Uncle'??
4. Have I, in your opinion, a *reputation*? If so, please let me know what it is!!!
5. Do I flirt too much?
6. Do I flirt with you? (Optional question - don't need to naswer if you don't want to!)
Many thanks!

EDIT: Comments have been set as Screened due to a request. Fear not young ladies (or men) I shall not divulge your answers unless you state you don't mind in the actual reply.

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