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Decided to give Glastonbury a pass and not even try to go for tickets when they go on sale in 30 minutes :-(

Realistically I can't afford the time or money this year with all of the other projects I have on the go. It's a great festival but at £120 per ticket plus all of the other expenses involved I should probably pur the money to better use.

Plus The Cure have been ruled out and Oasis pretty much confirmed. Neitehr of which are persuading me to change my mind. If The Cure had been confirmd, or still in the picture, then I'd be on that phone. I've seen Oasis live before and found them dull at the time - I can only presume they will be worse these days as the recent CD's have been pretty dull too.

There are plenty of other bands playing that I'd like to see and I'm sure I'll kick myself tomorrow when i wake up and all the tickets have sold out.

I'll console myself with buying Skinny Puppy and Rasmus tickets this weekend instead.

As far as festivals go this year I might do Reading instead. ;-p

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