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This weekend has ended up being a quieter affair than I had originally imagined it would be. This is largely down to my still feeling a little under the weather and deciding that a nice warm living room and early nights under the duvet with a good book were better options than smokey pubs and dubious goth gigs.

Friday night kicked off the weekends peacefulness with the entire house all together under one roof for the first time in ages. Jade, Lousia and myself just spent the evening nattering and channel hopping across music videos and cartoons. Once Jade had retired Louie and myself decided to watch Ju-On (the original Japanese version of The Grudge) as Louie hadn't seen it and neither of us needed to be up for work on Saturday. I really like Ju-On (having now seen it three times I'd really be a sucker for punishment if  didn't!) and I'm glad to say Louie did too - even if it did really shit her up in places... hehe:P

I headed down *South of the River* on Saturday for lunch with Lady Bug. Canada Waters to be exact. Never really been to the residential area of Docklands and it did feel very strange. To be honest the entire Jubilee Line Extension still feels like something out of sci-fi to me! Especially on weekends when most of the open plaza's are deserted from commuters - it reminded me a bit of Land of the Dead! Anyway, Canada Waters is a really nice area and we found a very nice pub on the Thames for lunch. After drinks and chats we popped back to hers so she could show me her new pad - which is very nice - and also some more footage and an interview that her and Andy have been working on for PinkPunk. You can see a trailer for the video they've been working on behind THIS LINK (Yap Polticial by PinkPunk).

I got back home about 6pm and decided against heading into Camden for the gig at The Underworld (sorry Sin, I'll catch you again sometime though!) and settled in for a nice home cooked meal and a vegetive state infront the TV for some footie and music vids. It was during this time that the Dresden Dolls appeared on the telly and reminded me that I should dig out their CD and give it a listen as it's been a while since we were last acquainted. Thus the music assailing my ears now :p

I also seem to have become addicted to pommegranite juice...although I'm really not sure if I spelt pommegranite right - but hey ho! Who really cares!

I'm in work today and better get on with some. Catch you all later. This is me signing out! :::hugs:::

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