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Not a 'Dead' weekend afterall...

Well, my 'Dead' weekend has completely failed.

Didn't make it to Dead & Buried on Friday as I ended up meeting an old friend at the Dev and stayed there until 1am before hitting the Ballroom. The new club is definetly rockier (as expected), pretty packed, and has got a younger audience although there's still quite a few older folk and familiar faces there. Dance floor was very crowded and attendence certainly doesn't seem to have been affected by the switch. Last weeks opening night was packed out with ques according to friends who went. They've also improved the site by reopening the kitchen so you can get some food (yay!) and they've also put up some big screens over the dancefloor which were playing Manga and various cartoons all night.

On Saturday I failed to go to the Dead Kennedy's. I went out for a couple of hours in the afternoon to pick up some concert tickets and hit HMV in town and once I'd come home, relaxed, had a bath, eaten and finished chatting to my Mum on the phone it was already fairly late and I just decided to put some more bits and pieces away from the move (I'm still not unpacked from the old flat!!!) and throw up some more stuff onto ebay as the last load sold very well. How punk am I? NOT!

Sunday's 'Dead' activity was supposed to be Shaun of the Dead but that's not out until Friday so couldn't do that either. I went for lunch with some friends and celebrated Andy O's birthday and am back home for a couple of hours before heading up to The Dignity for a few drinks with Karen. Don't know where Sasha and Dave have gone. They'd vanished when I got back from the pub and haven't been seen since. They didn;t take the car though so I'm guessing they're hiding out of the rain in some dodgy pub ;-p Good for them.

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