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sigh, anyone got a night off they'd like to trade with me.....

I may see some people late at The Young Gods gig possibly followed by The Dev or I may not. Currently not sure what I'm up to tonight as my throats niggling me again (really shouldn't smoke with a bad throat...grrr Angus - stupid boy!) and I'm actually feeling a bit knackered (for no reason unfortunately).

Tomorrow I'm having a Civilisation marathon round at Dom's as Elaine's away in Ireland for the weekend so he's got a crowd of us round playing games.

Sunday (after work) is VNV Nation. I will be at this one regardless so call me Dee so we can arrange a meeting point!

Next week contains The Bravey (Monday), Franz Ferdinand (Wednesday - sorry gaming folk I completely forgot it was this close to the3 end of the month/December!) and Combichrist (Sunday). With Dragonmeet crammed inbetween on the Saturday and a house full of guests crashing at mine for the show. Gig-o-rama!!!

Am looking forward to having a quieter week from the 5th December. Although was talking to Melissa and planning a Pub Reunion/Piss-Up for the old (and new) crowd that week. Will confirm dates once I've spoken to a couple of people (probably Monday, Tuesday or Thursday).

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