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It's Official ----- "I'm Shit" !!

Well, I will not now be at the VNV gig this evening. I'm also going to have to cancel my attendence at The Bravery's show tomorrow night. This will make it at least FOUR gigs in a row that I've not been able to attend (Sons & Daughters last Monday, Young Gods Friday, VNV Nation tongiht and The Bravery tomorrow night). It might be five but I'm not sure I've been to something since I cancelled The White Stripes outting or not?

Anyway, apologise to all whom I was meeting down there and especially to Dee who I was originally going with (I'm sure Simon will be a more than able - and energetic - replacement for me!!!).

My eyes still feel like they have grit in them and my throat is playing up again :(

I'm going to have a couple of nights being very solitary in the aim/hope to be 110% fighting fit for this coming weekends Dragonmeet Convention. I don't really fancy running a stand and doing panels feeling lousy :p

My immeidate aim is to be well enough to go to the Franz Ferdinand gig on Wednesday night too.

The joys of winter immune systems....

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