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(News) Hurricane Season Still Going.....

This years Hurricane season is refusing to die. Only this week we've had a storm (Delta) come all the way across the Atlantic to wreck havoc and death in The Canaries and now en route to Morocco. We're also seeing another new storm (Epsilon) brewing up in the Americas.

We've already had three Category 5 Storms this season (actually it's now four as Hurricane Emily has been upgraded to 5 in a review of the season so far) which is the most in a single year on record. The amount of storms has also been a record-breaker and, analysists say, may continue for a little while yet. Plus Spain was hit by its first known tropical cyclone this year!

Let us hope that Mother Earth is not starting to set a trend with this.....

Hurricane Season Refuses To Blow Over ( (NewScientist.Com; Tuesday 29th November 2005)

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