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An Angus Sabbatical

After Dragonmeet this weekend (and a Finchley pub meet next Thursday) I may be going on a social sabbatical for a while.

I have a hundred things that need doing and clearing my head is one of these.

As much as I'd like to think I'll vanish from LJ for a bit I'll probably fail after the first couple of days (if that!) and end up posting merrily away.

There is a load of work for me to knuckle down to which is a good reason and a good excuse for vanishing for a bit. Working takes my mind off things, even though (as I said to someone last night) I seem to have long forgotten what it was I wanted to forget about.

Part of me is exhilirated, part of me is drained. Part of me wants to stay and part of me wants to go.

I'll see some of you at Dragonmeet and others at the pub next Thursday (details to follow).

Everyone else, take care and talk to you soon.

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