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Yeak, okay, add me to the ranks of the shattered.

I had a mrmmarc staying with me on Friday night for pizza and chats before the early start for this years Dragonmeet.

The morning got off to a late start when both Marc and I shared confusion about the bathroom. I'd already showered before going to wake Marc up and then went up to my room to get the last few things ready whilst he used the bathroom. He thought I'd gone to the bathroom so when I headed back downstairs he was still sitting there with a cup of coffee waiting for the bathroom to become free. Usually this wouldn't have been so bad but we were supposed to be meeting missycressy at the tube station about 5 minutes later!!! Thus much rushing on The Torleys part and a poor frozen little girl kept waiting for almost half an hour.

Anyway, we all headed to the show and managed to set up the booths in good time. Marc was helping me out on the Cubicle 7 stall which we were sharing with _grimtales_ and kostika under their Post Mortem Studio guise, whilst Cressida was helping out on the Leisure Games stand with Mike and actualsean.

Apart from selling the SLA books I was also repping for a number of other UK small press companies as well as show casing many of the Indy Press games (such as Dogs in the Vineyard and My Life With Master) the Fantasy Games Unlimited range and the HPLHS range of Cthulhu items - including the brilliant Call of Cthulhu silent movie. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the day as it was a bit of an experiment for me to try out a different form of convention sales than I'm used to doing under my Leisure Games guise. All I can say is WOW - it certainly worked. We sold out of many of the Indy Press lines and I've not counted the remaining stock of the Cthulhu DVD but it sold incredibly well. I am very happy with the days takings and when I wake up tomorrow I'll play Scrouge and count up my ill-gotten gains :p

It was great seeing so many LJers at the show and catching up with many, many people I've not seen in ages or have just spoken to on the web in various Forums, Mailing Lists, etc.

I've now bathed, eaten and almost fell asleep whilst watching a movie (Enigma - loved the book but the film is decidedly so-so). It is now time for sleep (something which was incredibly lacking last night). Not sure if I'm going to be at the shop tomorrow or not. I think I deserve to take the Sunday off to recover, plus there are plenty of things for me to try and do tomorrow at home in anycase.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello, to the organisers of the show and to everyone who brought something from me :D

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