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Lazy Sundays - Just what the doctor ordered......

Woke up this morning and was no way in the mood to go into work and unpack/stock-check everything from yesterdays show. I had a quick chat with Mike who fully agreed I should take the day off and thus was faced with a very empty day with no plans. Hmmm....

In an effort to take my mind of this gapeing void infront of me called Sunday I decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air. Walking would be nicer if Finchley was actually near some countryside but we have a few nice parks and the weather today was pretty good. Once my stomache started rumbling (reminding me I hadn't actually eaten anything since last night - I must stop forgetting to eat it's getting a bit annoying) I decided to give weaselbitch a ring and see if she was meeting up with dodgyhoodoo, thessalian and the rest of their Mage group. They were so I joined them for a couple of hours of chatting and foodage - it was nice catching up and also hearing how Dragonmeet went for them.

This afternoon has been relaxing in front of the telly, watching The Odessa File movie (another great book which makes a so-so film - but it was filmed in the 60's/early 70's so I'll give it a bit more leaway than I did Enigma last night), chatting on the phone and trying not to fall asleep! :p

Now listening to the amazing Arcade Fire CD 'Funeral', typing this and really considering a very, very early night.

I guess this is what Sundays are like?

PS - Anyone know anything about a band called 'The Long Blondes'? I heard a track of theirs on the NME Chart earlier and it sounded pretty good.

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