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Me, Myself and I

1. My username is "angusabranson" because I was devoid of all creative and witty thought at the time I created my LJ. On the plus side everyone knows who I am, on the negative side everyone knows who I am.
2. My journal is titled "Voices From The Pulpit (Ramblings of an Inadequate Messiah)" because I felt I needed a place to preach. All Messiahs are inadequate in their own ways and I, apparently, am no exception.
3. My subtitle is - er actually it isn't. I never bothered giving my LJ a subtitle. I pretty much figured my main title was long enough as it is!
4. My friends page is called "The Confessional" because that's where you all spill the gossip of your lives.
5. My default userpic is a bottle of Southern Comfort with the words "Once More With Feeling..." written next to it. This can be taken in two ways. The first being that I'm an alcoholic and want to go another round with my favourite beverage. The second is that I'm an alcoholic and a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fanboy. In reality I'm a tee-totaller and prefer Hollyoaks.

Er, ok, I may have lied a little with the last one :p

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