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Gaming and Man U's Demise....

Had a good Star Wars RPG session with the gang this evening. It's a shame we've only got one more game this year (the 21st) as Christmas commitments have left that as the only Wednesday night we all have free. Still, it'll be good entering 2006 on a good steady run of games night this year. I've certainly played a heck of a lot more Board games this year than previously and it's also good to be RPGing again (even if Star Wars/Sci-Fi isn't my favoured genre...).

The football fans amongst the group (being all bar Dom) cheered when we heard the 'sad' news that Manchester United have not only failed to qualify for the next round of the Champions League but by finishing BOTTOM of their qualifying group have been completely knocked out of Europe this year - not even getting the default entry into the UEFA Cup! Hehehe...way to go guys!!! :p

Anyway, I'm goign to dedicate the rest of the evening to listening to music and reading a good book.

So I'll most probably chat to a bunch of you tomorrow!

Take care and sweet dreams LJ-land!


Dec. 8th, 2005 11:22 am (UTC)
I know the Glazers as we're big American Football fans, and I'm not too sure they'll push Fergie out, or that he'll resign.

Fans quickly forget what a manager has done for the team in the past when their team is losing now.

I think he'll be around for a bit at least, should be til the end of the season.
Maybe he'll go then.

Not that I really care, I detest United :-)

And... are you who I think you are?
I only know one Marc...

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