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LJ year recap (first lines of the month)

I'll leave my full review of the year and my Annual 'Top Tens' until the final days of 2005, but for now here's a look back at my LJ year through the first line posts of each month...

(Jan) Happy New Year folks and best wishes to every single one of you for 2005
(Feb) I know I've harped on about this before but for some reason The Killers really seem to cheer me up.
(Mar) Just a reminder to go and vote in the Angscars - the alternative Oscars based upon my five facourite films of 2004.
(Apr) Right, no update this evening it seems..... it's late and I'm being called to bed (mainly to stop my typing I fear....)
(May) Hi folks, back from Vienna!
(Jun) Hmmm.... well I didn't actually get much done this evening afterall.
(Jul) Well, following on from my last 'relationship' entry I saw this test on a friends journal and thought I'd check to see my results.
(Aug) Not sure if he realises but my father had a book published today.
(Sep) One for you Penguin lovers out there..... Robotic Space Penguin to hop across the Moon (; Wednesday 31st August 2005)
(Oct) Discovered a couple of really good bands this week.
(Nov) Typical, I'm the one behind the camera WATCHING!
(Dec) This evening saw Mel, Michael Drunken Nurse and myself trapse off into the wilds of Muswell Hill to see Franz Ferdinand live at Alexander Palace.

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