Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

25th April 1986, Chernobyl

And from the joviality of my last post (which I've actually deleted as it was a bit crap anyway) to the seriousness of this one.

I'd spotted references and links to the below site from other peoples LJs (not sure if it was from any of my friends Journals or just on my random wanderings through LJland) but I feel it is something that I should share with everyone.

This website is about Chernobyl and its surrounding areas today. It's written by a biker and is something that I feel everyone should take a look at to remember what happened, what is still happening, and what will continue to happen for many hundreds of years to come.

I remember the Chernobyl accident very well. It was very interesting to see the various media reports at the time and compare them with media reports from around the world into the event. To listen to the reports about the 'radioactive clouds' and how we in Britain (and elsewhere) were safe.

I also remember seeing the clothes on our washing lines stained yellow after it rained for many weeks after the accident. I remember seeing the surf of the sea yellow on the beaches off Lowestoft were my grandparents lived, and yellow foam staying on those same beaches as the tide withdrew.

It's utter stupidity to think that the world was not affected by the events of April 25th 1986.

It's also a sad study into how our media and governments report such events.

No one will ever know the real cost of Chernobyl. Human, animal, environmental.

Please take a look through the site. And remember.


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