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Barcodes, Killer Squirrels and Friends

I got kidnapped today.

I was fully intending on going into work but got bombarded with offers from friends to do various things. Many thanks to Mr and mrsdominic for inviting me out to see the new Narnia film. I hope it was as fab as many people have said it is and I'm sorry I couldn't make it. At the time I was still on track to work and in any case I'm hoping to see the film next week with someone whom I'd previously spoken about it to. Also thanks to Mr Dominic for the very long late night phonecall last night. It certainly did me some good :)

Anyway sinbadsilk ended up appearing in my living room and kidnapped me away to The Dignity for lunch and an afternoon of drinking/chatting with his goodself, civi and zenmeisterin. It was a really nice afternoon, thanks to all involved. I really enjoyed and appreciated the company and conversations ranging from .... well I think we pretty much covered everything (apart from sport which I mercifully didn't inflict upon thsoe present :p).

Best threads from the afternoon were our plans for a new Barcoding system for singletons, complete with dedicated website so people can leave feedback and general comments. Basically everyone gets a unique barcode tatoo which you can zap from a distance to get vital stats and feedback from. Also the Zombie Ninja Flesh-Eating Black Squirrels of Finchley was a fun endeavour.

Btw, the link to the the squirrel story is Russian Squirrel Pack "Kills Dog" (BBC News Online; Thursday 1st December 2005)

Also picked up my now newly re-chipped multi-religional DVD player on the way home so can finally watch some of the non-Region 2 films I brought just before it mysteriously decided to revert from a multiregional to a Region 2-only player. Still have no idea why it did that but hopefully it'll be fine from now on.

Thanks to everyone whose either commented, texted or phoned btw. You shouldn't need to ride the storms of the good ship Angus. If you did I'd just make you seasick in the end. Appreciated, even though I have no real rhyme or reason to be like this atm. Thanks.

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