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Angus' Email Update

Right, I've tried figuring out how to reimport my Mozilla Thunderbird Cache back into Mozilla Thunderbird but it doesn't want to know. I'm sure this is down to me being a technological luddite (I am) rather than any other complication. It does mean though that it's still not visibile. If anyone out there local to me thinks they can help bring it back please let me know and we'll arrange a time and date and I'll treat you to a meal or something as a thank you. Sasha - looking at you in particular but anyone else who can help please throw your comments up now! :D

In the meantime I have given in and reactivated my Outlook program. It does mean that I'm missing all correspondence between 27th June until 6th November but it allows me to at least start working through the more recent backlog and getting back into gear and on top of a number of very important, pressing, issues as well as generally being more in communication again.

Even when I retrieve my lost mail I will now be sticking with Outlook as that had never failed me and I was a FOOL to ever leave it (I sound like a British gas advert don't I? ;p).

Anyway, I have several hundred mails to sift through that were on my server awaiting my attention. I binned many others whilst checking them online but still have a lot which are relevant and need my attention.

So, if you've been waiting for a reply from me you should now hopefully be getting one soon (if you sent me the mail after Nove,ber 6th that is...). Otherwise you'll just have to wait until the final part of my problem is resolved.

I now pass you back to your regular viewing.....

(EDIT: OK, Outlook doesn't seem to want to send anything out so I'll have to get THAT fixed too now...grrr)

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