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Well yesterday (Saturday) myself and Dave met up with our prospective new house mate. I've known him for a while but neither Dave nor myself had really spent any real length of time just chilling and chatting with him in the past so we needed to make sure everyone clicked and felt we could tolerate each other ;-p

We planning on moving out of our little 2-bed flat that we've called home for almost three years now into a nice (well, hopefully nice) 3-4 bedroom house with a garden. Rented, can't exactly stretch to buy a 3-4 bed house in London just yet!

Anyway, the day went well and what started as a 1pm pub lunch ended up becoming an all-day/night bash. We were joined by a couple of other friends in the evening and much fun was had by all.

Today has been chill-out day. Brief lunch at The Dignity (they do good roasts) and then just me dossing about finishing watching Friends Series 9 (So I'm sad - but then I've always been sad!) playing Championship Manager (see above comment ;-p) and doing a bit of reading.

Pretty uneventful all-in-all but I thought I'd post an update on my currently rather boring existence. Hopefully it'll start kicking ass next week.

Take care folks!

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