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Another Q for you.....

What, if any, does a tour company need to organise a tour of historic sites in London? Wouldn't need to go in them, just view them from the outside.

Hundreds of tours take place in London every day without contravening the 'mass gathering' laws (can you see where this is going).

I was thinking - would it be possible to organise a 'Charity Tour' of some of the sites (Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, etc) for a largish group of people. Have a token cost for everyone which will give you a free commemerative t-shirt (something simple like an anti-war slogan or the declaration of human rights dealing with free speech or anti-torture with the tours dates and maybe a witty non-threatening/political commentquote on the back). The fee is optional and any up to the each person how much they pay (with a reccommend amount covering base t-shirt price but waved for those who couldn't afford that). Any additional cash raised would be donated to a good cause - for instance Amnesty International.

This way we could have a bundle of people going round a few sites of note taking photos and having fun, raising money for charity :p

If we didn't get shouty at the police then they shouldn't really have any grounds to stop us, although I think in some areas we'd probably still get a talking to...

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