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The Smiths...

This may surprise you but I have made it through 33 and a half years and managed to NEVER hear a Smiths album all the way through. Sure I know a number of their songs (who growing up in the 80's and being part of the alternative scene doesn't), sure back in sixth form The Smiths were a popular band and got played on the stereo in the common room, but I've never owned a Smiths record and never listened to more than a few songs courtesy of friends or fellow students.

This was partially because I never really used to think much of them. I liked a couple fo tracks here and there but on the whole I could pass them by quite easily.

Well, years pass and after hearing a few of their tracks recently both on telly and at work courtesy of Sean (a *big* Smiths/Morrissey Fan) I found myself wanting a better listen. Then I discovered their 'The Very Best Of....' on a site for £6. 22 Tracsk. All the popular tunes. Well, I thought why not and ordered it.

It arrived today.

I've so far listened to the whole thing twice. It seems that The Smiths have finally grown on me. Not when I was a mopey teenager but now when I'm a mopey thirty-something. Better late than never I guess?

Anyway, I take back anything negative I've ever said about The Smiths. My teenage student mates were right. They are pretty good.

Although saying that I am now listening to HIM's latest offering 'Dark Light'. Just for a change of pace you understand :p


Dec. 14th, 2005 04:25 am (UTC)
The Smiths- the first ORIGINAL British band ever created.

Think about it.
The Beatles began doing rock and roll covers.
The Stones were derivatives of the emergent evolutionary British sound.
The Sex Pistols were just ripping off the New York Dolls.

The Smiths appeared with NO previous form.
Morissey's voice is actually quite varied when you listen to it. The lyrics are often painfully funny... and you forget Johnny Marr's AWESOME guitar sound ("How soon is now" IS a classic rift, up there with the greats).

I HATED the Smiths when they first came out. Took me a few years- I was a DJ. Watched the reaction to "What differance does it make" a few times, started listening and POP! Hooked!

That was the key really... if The Smiths were so morose and whiney, I could never work out why they did so many dance floor fillers!

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