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Weekday cinema trips.....

One of the things I like about having Wednesdays off is that almost everywhere I may want to go is usually a lot quieter than it would be in the evenings or at weekends.

Most notably the cinema.

Well not today it seems.

I should have been warned en route as I passed a stream (about 60+) children aged about 7-9 with a horde of teachers and parents walking down the road AWAY from the cinema. I must admit it did pass my mind that they may have been on a Christmas outting to see Harry Potter or Narnia.

Anyway I got to the cinema and there was a small que. I will now say that I was very grateful to one of the guys infront of me who took bloody ages buying £50 in gift vouchers for someones present. If he had been quicker I'd have brought my 12:45 ticket for Narnia before an incredibly large horde of kids (ages 10-12ish) turned up with teachers (desperately trying to quieten them down) to see the screening of Narnia I'd intended on. Anyway come my turn both myself and the cashier looked at the screaming horde of kids, looked at each other, and he then said "Would you like a 16:15 ticket, it might be less of a headache." Took the worsds right out of my mouth. It's meant I've had to rearrange the day a bit but hopefully there'll be less screaming kids in the cinema.

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