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An Evening With The Levellers....

The Levellers were, unsurprisingly, very, very good this evening.

My feet now ache immensely and I'm sure other parts of me will tomorrow. I think it's safe to say that I jumped about *a bit* :p

Also have the startings of a headcahe - but that is possibly due to the amount I drank (as opposed to the amount I ended up wearing of both mine and other peoples - should have learnt not to buy pints in plastic containers at a very jumpy/pushy concert ;p).

Met a very nice girl on the tube en route home who said I was very polite and it was a pleasure and a rarity to meet someone like that these days. !!! No she wasn't drunk before anyone asks!!! :p What caused her to say such nice things to the Angus creature? All I did was let a bundle of people get on the train before me being my usual chivalrous self. And no, I didn't get her number before anyone asks that next question. That *wouldn't* have been so chivalrous of me.

I also apologise if I spelt *chivalrous* wrong. It's late, I'm slightly tipsy, and my head hurts (plus I probably couldn't spell it correctly anyway....)

Tomorrow is work although I'm not sure what time I heading in as it's technically a day off that I'm going in for anyway as we're *a bit* busy. And yes, that is the same *a bit* as in my second paragraph ;p

Night, night.

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