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It's Saturday Night!!!!!!

Well, I'm at home on a Saturday night. The best laid plans of mice and men and all that jazz....

I did pick up tickets for CombiChrist at Slimelight tonight but I very much doubt I'll now be making it. Sarah is out with the flu and to be honest I'm rather knackered after last night gig and then working today, plus the prospect of working tomorrow too.... Still, they're not on until 1am so I do have time to pcik up and change my mind. I also have a feeling my general dislike of Slimelight has made my feelings about not being able to make tonights gig rather more tolerable than they may have been otherwise.

Anyway, this evening has been spent chilling. Bathed, cooked food, vegged out in front of the music channels and a bit of the West Ham vs Newcastle game. Then got carried away by some of the music I'd seen on telly and wandered up stairs and ordered four more albums. Admittedly one I've been meaning to pick up for ages (Stereophonics - I never used to like them but 'Dakota' is a fantastic track and so are a couple of others I've heard from their latest CD), and hummed and harred about the second (Coldplay's "XYZ" - initially I was going to give it a miss as I wasn't impressed but they have be slowly gnawing away at my resolve ever since seeing them at Glastonbury and hearing them on the radio/TV), Norah Jones "Feel Like Home" because the other CD of hers I brought earlier this week is incredibly good and has got me hooked, and the last is by a band called 'Spektrum' whom I'd never heard of before catching them on MTV's DanceZone a little while ago. The song "Kinda New" was really good so I'm hoping to find a hidden gem of an album. It's good to gamble on unknown bands (or atleast unknown to me) once in a while (He says sitting here listening to 'Mew' which was a gamble a few months back).'s 10pm. I'm home, alone, and can't be arsed to watch a DVD or mindlessly browse the net tonight. Guess I'm settling down with a book in that case. Must also avoid chocolate. I have a box of it in the kitchen but I brought it for someone else and shouldn't be tempted...even if I know I could get a replacement box :p

Chocolate bad. Must not eat chocolate....

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