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(Prologue) Top Ten Films/Gigs of 2005

I was just having a look at my Top Ten list of films for 2005 which I'll be announcing in just under two weeks time now. The reason for it was to place the new King Kong film up amongst them. Looking at the list has made me realise how many really good films I've managed to see this year. The top six films are all very hard to place in order, and indeed a number of the 10-20 films would usually be vying for a Top Ten place. Indeed I may actually do a Top 20 Films list this year instead of the usual Top Ten.

The Top Ten gigs is also going to be fairly hard as I've managed to see a lot of shows this year - plus going to a festivals always knocks the number of bands you see up quite considerably. May do a Top 20 Live Bands thing as well if I opt to do that for the films.

Guess I should be pleased I made good on one of my resolutions and got out more :p

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