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(News) First Indigenous President for Bolivia!

The victor in the Bolivan Presidential Elections looks almost certainly to now be Evo Morales who will become the first President to come from Bolivia's native Indian population.

Decades late but better late than never! It also proves that the political landscape in South America is definetly changing and definetly in a leftward movement.

He has already said that he wants to have ties to the US but not "a relationship of submission". He could be facing a number of disagreements with Washington already however as he is an admirer of Fidel Castro, wants to legalise Coca-growing (for tradition uses not for cocaine production) and wants a fairer share of the foreign oil and gas exports to be retained for Bolivians - all three of which will not please the US.

Leftist Claims Victory in Bolivia (BBC News Online; Monday 19th December 2005)

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