Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

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Tick Tock Tick.....

Not even mid-day as yet, but I feel it should be mid-afternoon already!

I guess on the plus side it has meant that I've got a number of things done this morning, the most recent of which has been to buy another years worth of LJ Paid Account as that was due to expire in just over a week - and we couldn't have that happen to an Angus could we!!! Whatever would you guys and gals do!!! ;p

Also (finally) picked up the extra user pics options so I can go beyond my 15. Means I can start looking out for/creating some cool new piccies...yee-ha!

Anyway, still have a few bits to get done, and people to see, before this evening so I'd better sign off and get back on with my Saturday.

Oh btw, I saw Dodgeball last night. Several people here will know my utter disdain and hatred for most Hollywood comedies (I perfer my humour black and/or cynical which is better found in the Indy film market) but Dodgeball was actually good fun and not like a hundred other comedy clones that get churned out of Hollywood. Worth watching.

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