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Ten Years Ago....

My memory scares me sometimes. I can remember in detail certain events/days from years/decades ago and then at other times forget the most simple of facts.

Today is a case in point. I've just remembered that it was ten years ago today that I first properly met the lovely melissamilitelo! What's scarey is I can remember the day in detail. From meeting up with Mel and popping over to jessworld and Zoe's to drop off belated Christmas pressies, to lots of wine drinking and chatting about everything from paganism to gaming, and then parting company with Mel heading home and me disappearing off to Feet First at Camden Palace to celebrate Surfer Boy's 20th birthday with him, Karen and a bundle of others (Embassy played that evening too!)

Actions of ten years ago which I could almost run a complete walk through of! Now ask me what I was doing a couple of weeks ago without letting me check my diary/LJ entry and I'd be stumped!!! :p

Oh well, ten years later I'm still immensely glad to have Melissa, Jess and Surfer Boy still as friends. Even if I don't get to see them as often as I'd like to these days (due to either distance or just plain simple time!). Hopefully 2006 will allow everyone to see more of old friends.

I hope so anyway.

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