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LJ Stats, etc...

Every so often I pop over to LJ STATS to have a look. I don't know why but I find it really interesting..... Guess I'm still very much a geek at heart ;p

Give me figures to look at and I'm happy (unless the figures are my bank account sans lottery winnings....)

I *may* have the day off tomorrow. Unfortunately the *may* depends on how much it snows up in Cambridgeshire. Mike lives in Cambridge and if the weather is bad then he may not be able to get into work and thus I get called in. To be honest if the weather is that bad I don't think Sean will be making it in either! Why do most of our staff live way outside London?? Me, ten minute walk and I'm there. Nice. Simple. Although it is a bugger to think up excuses when you're late.....

Anyway, if I do have tomorrow off after my self-appointed chores in the AM I should be heading over to see Andy, Jan and Toos for an afternoon of gaming followed by an evening of food and film. Looking forward to it which means I probably won't end up doing it...grrrr.....

In four days time it'll be 2006. Christ.

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