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More Gamery Goodness.....

Well, well, well..... I don't think I've played as many games in a single week since I was in my late teens. I wasn't expecting such a solid games playing Christmas-New Years period but am quite glad one occured. For starters I enjoyed everything I played and for seconds it certainly stopped me from dwelling about anything I may happen to have been dwelling on this week!

"So" I hear you all cry "What have you been playing Mr Abranson?".

Ar, I thought you'd never ask....

Monday - Ticket To Ride (Days of Wonder), Make & Break (Ravensburger) and Settlers of Catan 3D (Mayfair Games/Kosmos)
Tuesday - Ticket To Ride (Days of Wonder), Tsuro (WizKids), and the Star Wars d6 RPG (West End Games).
Wednesday - (ok, none on Wednesday. Instead I chilled out and watched the Everton - Liverpool match on telly...)
Thursday - World of Darkness/Mage RPG (White Wolf)
Friday - More Ticket To Ride! (Yes, I do love that game!)

Thursday was the first time I've played the new World of Darkness game, and the first time I've ever dabbled in Mage regardless of edition! Thanks to thessalian for running the game (and cooking) and to dodgyhoodoo and weaselbitch for also playing. We also watched Cursed with Christina Ricci in. She is looking VERY hot! The film was alright but nothing to write home about, glad I have seen it though (for Ms Ricci if nothing else! :p).

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